Tuesday, October 27, 2015

About the Fantastic meeeeeeeee

I'm O the owner of this fantastic blog and I wanted to tell some things about myself. Volleyball practically is
my life. I love my dog Hershey she is a big chocolate monster. I love to read fantasy: Percy Jackson, Warriors, etc. Drawing is my thing Give me a pencil and paper I will be drawing. I like to hunt deer with my dad I IS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I want to do something involving dogs (not a vet NO MEDICINE STUFF). My favorite subject is of course science.
 My favorite hobbies as you can see is...
Playing Volleyball
Fishing not of a boat
Playing with my dogs
Hanging out with my friends
I love dogs and reading
I love to Draw
   Cool illusions I thought you would like!

Monday, October 26, 2015

My Favorite Teacher !

My favorite teacher other than Mr. Johnson is Mr. Ness or Coach Ness. I like Coach Ness the best because he coaches our basketball team and guides and helps us through games and practice. He also is an amazing Civics teacher. I  like anything about him that I know of. Coach Ness helps me through practice for basketball and through games and teaches and guides me to help me learn. He has a good and positive attitude which helps the people around him have a good attitude. That's why Coach Ness is my favorite teacher.